Stomp The Yard

Professional pallbearers can be hired to dance your loved one's casket to the grave, an uplifting service that exemplifies the celebration of that person's life. This movement started in Africa, primarily in Ghana, where funerals are big events that span at least three days long but has recently made its way into the US. It is a true celebration of a loved one’s life.

This isn't just a few guys busting out any old dance moves.  These dances are choreographed to specific songs and the pallbearers are typically dressed in chic attire with top hats, gloves... the works. In fact, in the US this has become what an article on ABC News calls it “The White Glove Service” and “demonstrates the highest level of respect for the deceased."  It brings joy to families in a time of sadness and makes mourning more of a celebratory event. A BBC News article said, “Families are increasingly paying for their services to send their loved ones off in style,"  a trend that is right up our alley here at Going Out In Style