Natural Pet Burial

The natural burial movement is not just for humans! 

If you have suffered the loss of a pet you may have gone through the often unpleasant experience of pet cremation and remains disposal. From mass cremation to plastic baggies of ashes... the process can feel impersonal and undignified. Not what your furry (or scaled or feathered) best bud deserved. 

For those that would prefer to bury a pet naturally, Paw Pods are a 100% green, sustainable and biodegradable option.  Their natural boxes and urns are made from bamboo powder and rice husk and come in lots of different sizes- even fish pods.

Paint a memory or pet's name in black Japanese ink, add a favorite toy inside, and bury in a meaningful place. Each pod comes with a seeded wildflower leaf that can be buried with it to serve as a living memorial.



Paw Pods' founder Ben Riggins had a mission to provide a better way for pets to come home, whether they will be buried or cremated. “Unlike so many ‘pet caskets,’ I wanted sturdy, strong construction – not flimsy paper.”

Paw Pods offers six pod sizes and range in price from $10 to $200 depending on size.

For more natural pet burial pods  see The Forever Spot for all natural, plantable burial shrouds that help to cleanse your pet's body of environmental toxins and generate new life around the burial site.